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removalists perth companies tips

If you plan well ahead moving house can be a smooth transition rather than a trauma, here are some suggestions and time frames to think about when choosing removalists perth companies. Keeping a list and ticking off completed tasks as you achieve them, this will help you to stay focused on what needs to be done when.

2 months before move.

This is when you should carry out your research for any services you may require. You may well need to contact service providers to ensure they are able to meet your needs. Such services may include Schools and day care centres. You may need to research well before your planned move if you are looking for job opportunities in close proximity to your new home. Around this time you should make arrangements for your pets if they are travelling with you so that they can be transported in a comfortable and safe manner.

Make sure that you have gathered together all of your valuables, important documents and personal treasures, keep them in a safe if possible. This way when everything else is taken care of you can focus your attention on your most valuable items and know where they are all the time during your move.

This is also when arrangements should be made for travel, tickets booked etc. Make sure you know where all your necessary documents are at all times and that you have confirmation of any travel booked.

Prepare equipment for packing, many removals companies provide a packing service but this will cost and if you are on a tight budget may not be an option. To avoid some of the pitfalls when dealing with removalists perth companies, then visit this page. Apparently some storage facilities provide boxes and bubble wrap. The removalists perth companies that we used actually sold us second hand packing boxes at a reduced price, they did the job just as well. You can ask local stores for boxes and rope and get any family members to collect boxes for you as well, oh and don’t forget the all important gaffe tape.

Phone around for quotes for your actual house removal, make sure you get confirmation of when you have booked the removal firm either by fax or e-mail. It may be an idea to have a file specifically for moving information just in case you have any problems. Make sure the removalists perth companies you are going to use have actually seen your furniture and that you have been honest with them. It is a false economy to try and cheat the removal firm as they will simply charge you for extras that you have not mentioned. Please double check that all the details are correct you do not want your house contents arriving at the wrong address.

6 Weeks before Move

If you know where and roughly when you will be moving this is a good time to inform all your utility providers that you will be changing address. You will normally be asked to take readings from meters on your leaving day and keep a record of these. You may need to change providers depending on where you are moving to and remember to keep all the information in your moving file.

At this time you will also need to contact who ever provides your telephone and internet services so they can set up connection at your new address as quickly as possible. This can be vital if you work from home as any delay may cause you to lose income at a very expensive time. While doing this you should check out cable or satellite providers, when moving to our present property we didn’t have either and cable wasn’t available in the area. This resulted in quite a few weeks without our usual TV programmes as we had to wait for a technician to be able to hook everything up. Actually I was far too busy for TV anyway but my teenage Son was most put out.

removalists perth companies tips
removalists perth companies for you

1 month before move

Let everyone know that you are going to be moving; I found a pad of new home notes very useful as it gave everyone the new address and number on something they could keep. At this time you should notify Banks & Credit Cards, Doctors, Schools, Dentist, TV Licensing Department, Library, Vets, Opticians, Vehicle Registration Department, Council, Insurance Companies, Pension Companies, and Suppliers of gas, water and electric. You will also need to inform providers of your Internet, Phone and Cable or Satellite. This does seem quite a list and you will probably need to add to it. If you use a list system and work your way through methodically you will achieve your goal.

Now is also an excellent time to clear out anything you do not really need. The children and husband may put up a bit of a fight but try to encourage them to recycle what they can. You can start sorting and de-cluttering the loft and garage. These jobs can be started early and can save stress when it is time for the move.

2 weeks before move

Find new service providers such as Dentists, Doctors etc, it is not a good plan to wait until one of the family is ill or has tooth ache to start looking, it is a hassle but when you have organised everything you will feel you can start to look forward to your new home. Pack away anything that you can do without for the next two weeks it is surprising how much you can pack in advance. Things like books, DVDs and the best china you can easily manage without, this will help you to feel organised. Keep a note book of anything outstanding to be done. As many people juggle a move around work as much as possible keeping notes will help you to utilise all available time.

Make sure you confirm all moving arrangements with your removalists perth companies; this will prevent any hitches such as them turning up late.

1 week before move

Pack everything you possibly can, secure and label the boxes well. Make arrangements to hand over your old keys and get the keys to your new property. If you want someone to come in and clean your old property after you have moved everything out you should arrange it now.

3 days before move

Make sure you have completed everything on your lists and pack everything else you can. Make sure you have watered the garden and prepared anything you wish to take. For the next few evenings arrange to visit friends, go out to eat and try to relax as much as you can.


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